MOT Type 1 and Topsoil Delivery in Reading | The Various Types of Topsoil

Gardeners and landscapers in Reading and the nearby regions use topsoil to give plants the proper nutrients. This fine layer comes in various forms, each with their own, specific benefits. As an aggregate supplier known for providing MOT Type 1 as well as topsoil delivery, we understand what makes topsoil unique and will sell you the ideal type for your needs. In addition, our team performs grab hire services, including muck away, for projects across the Reading area.

Below, we look at the various forms of topsoil. If you have a landscaping project and would like a quote for grab hire and muck away, or the supply of aggregates like MOT Type 1, feel free to call us today.

Topsoil Explained

Topsoil lies atop ordinary garden soil, with a layer of around 5-12 inches deep. It’s screened to remove the roots and stones often found in the ground, creating the aggregate sold in Reading and the nearby areas. When it comes to most aggregate suppliers, you can expect to discuss bulk topsoil delivery only – but not with L&R Transport Ltd.

We also supply smaller amounts for vegetable patches, raised beds and other domestic projects. For topsoil delivery and MOT Type 1, as well as muck away and grab hire services, rely on our friendly team.

The Main Types – Consisting of small particles, silt topsoil holds water and remains one of the most fertile types on the market. The clay variety features fine soil particles but is also dense, which makes it ideal for growing trees. Sand topsoil includes fine rocks and minerals and tends to drain quicker than other types. If you’re in any doubt about the three most common forms, why not contact your local aggregate supplier?

Popular Alternatives – Loam blends clay and sand for a combination of their benefits. As such, it’s popular among gardeners in Reading looking for a topsoil delivery service. Chalk may be required for adjusting the pH levels in the soil, while peat topsoil contains rich nutrients but can prove hard to find.

Call L&R Transport Ltd

As a family-run company with years in the grab hire and muck away business, we also assist local tradespeople in need of a one-stop aggregate supplier. Our team knows a thing or two about MOT Type 1 and other aggregates and can supply topsoil in various quantities. When looking for a supplier in the Reading area, ensure that you’re happy with their service, pricing, and approach towards customer service.

We have over 15 years of industry experience. Our experts remove waste through a professional muck away service, using hydraulic grab hire lorries that eliminate the need for skip hire. We’re just as comfortable supplying MOT Type 1 for major construction work as we are performing topsoil delivery for smaller garden tasks.

Are you looking for an aggregate supplier in Reading that can provide topsoil delivery and MOT Type 1? If so, please call 01628 541842 or 07919 046029.