Muck Away and Aggregate Supplier in Richmond and the Nearby Areas | The Uses of Aggregates

Aggregates are used in many aspects of construction and are very important. For example, construction companies use them to strengthen concrete. By doing this they decrease the chances of cracks forming. We are an aggregate supplier that works with many construction companies in Richmond and the nearby areas. We also supply them with grab hire to perform muck away and waste removal.

Our team provides our clients with many different types of aggregates offering topsoil delivery and MOT Type 1 delivery.

Your Garden and Lawn

Topsoil, also known as surface soil, is a very important aggregate for gardens and lawns. Surface soil is very important to help plants and grass grow. If your lawn is looking tired and damaged it is important to get some soil rich in nutrients on it. We offer topsoil delivery for our clients in Richmond. To add this onto your lawn you will need to lift the grass and roll it up then add the topsoil and mix it in before unrolling the grass or planting new seed.

Making Cement

When making concrete, aggregates are an important ingredient, and they offer an array of benefits. Working with too much aggregate can weaken binding materials. When you use smaller aggregates the cost of the binding material can be excessive. As an aggregate supplier we suggest you use a combination of both fine and rough aggregates to minimise these problems, this would include MOT Type 1.


Gravel is another aggregate that our grab hire team provides our clients. Our gravel comes in many different sizes that will suit the style of your project. Our clients usually make use of gravel for driveways, these will be decorative and low cost. We provide muck away services for our clients when they need to clear hazardous waste during groundworks.


We provide and deliver MOT Type 1 to our clients in Richmond and the surrounding areas. This can be used for the sub-base on many different projects. The clients we have use it in the construction process of patios, driveways, paving, roads and car parks.

What Aggregates are Used in Commercial and Domestic Construction

Recycled aggregates type 1 is another type of aggregate that we provide, it is becoming more and more popular with construction companies than quarried aggregates. This is because recycled aggregates are more cost-effective and create a lower impact on the environment. As a reliable aggregate supplier, we supply recycled aggregates to our clients for use in both domestic and commercial construction projects.

Our Team

Our team prides itself on the aggregates we supply to our clients, including topsoil delivery. We also provide muck away and grab hire services in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Keeping our clients satisfied with each job we do. We are licensed waste carriers and ensure that all of the work we complete adheres to the regulations set out.

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